Monday, September 16, 2013

Apple Picking

It's September!
The air is cool.
The kids are back in school.
It's time for apple sauce, apple crisp, and apple pie.

I am all for the convenience of
picking up some apples at the grocery store.

But, how can you beat this...

families picking apples together?

It makes me kind of sad that our suburban & urban cultures
have eliminated this from so many lives.

Lives where the only apple picking
is done in the grocery store.

I guess I have an old-fashioned streak in me.
I think everyone should go apple picking
at least once in their childhood
and then come home and make something from them.
How about you?
Have you picked apples from an orchard?
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  1. When each of my two daughters were in kindergarten, their classes went to an orchard to pick apples then returned to make applesauce the next day. What fun! Now we pick apples off our own trees.

  2. I am planning on an apple picking trip in the next week or 2 - cannot wait!! Great shots!!

  3. i agree, it is sad there is a whole generation that most of them have no idea that apples can be picked from trees, or grapes or plums, pears, pecans, walnuts and on and on. they also don't know where milk comes from, or even eggs... things that i knew from birth.
    your photos are really precious wonderful family memories.

  4. So cute! I've never done apple picking (hard to come by in Houston!) but I would LOVE to!

  5. A fall event with my family. The state hospital I work at has 12,000 acres and has lots of trees.

  6. We did this recently with plums, and it was so much fun, so I have to agree, it's a shame that most families don't get to have this experience.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. What a fun time! Love your photos! We have not been apple picking but I hope to change that this year as I found a nearby orchard last fall. And unlike last year's lack of apples due to a late frost, they actually have apples to pick this year.

  8. I agree, everyone should get to pick apples :) We have an apple annual festival with our cousins and their kids every year. We meet at Grandma's in the morning, pick apples from her apple trees, enjoy a potluck lunch together and then go home to make apple sauce, apple juice and whatever other yummy apple treats we can find to eat :) I love it, and I love that we have made it a tradition with our children! Thank you for sharing your own apple picking pictures! I found this post through Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters. From Dot-to-Dot Connections.

  9. These pictures get me into Fall mode - very sweet and relaxing. As an adult, I picked apples. It was great. As a kid, I picked apricots from our backyard tree. That was fun too.

    Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week.


  10. We have blueberry bushes in the mountains and my grandkids love picking blueberries and then we make pancakes, muffins, smoothies...whatever they want...It's so much fun....
    You are so right about so many kids not having the opportunity to pick fresh fruits and vegetables and to see how different they taste from the ones in the grocery store....

  11. I'm trying to figure out how we can go apple picking this year with soccer Saturdays. I have never gone to an orchard, but really would love to! You inspire me to try to figure this out. Such a fun day.

  12. I think that picking apples rocks! We do this every year and make applesauce to freeze!

  13. I agree apple picking is a fun adventure.

  14. We live near a place called Apple Hill and go there every fall to pick apples and make treats from them. Lots of fun. Enjoy!

  15. stay old fashioned....your kids will love you for it!!


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