Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ugly Apples

I looked out the window
and there he was:

Apple Picking
That calls for the camera.

When we moved into our home years ago
the owner had planted 4 apple trees.

Now, thanks to hurricane Sandy last year
we only have 3.

But 3 trees are enough for making apple sauce. 

I know, they are ugly, 
but they are organic. 
All we do is pick them, 
cook them, 
and sauce them. 

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  1. Awesome. My hubby wants apple trees! Enjoy your applesauce!

  2. Ahhh..fresh applesauce; sounds delicious....

  3. mother always made apple crisp with ugly apples and pear crisp with ugly pears... we have a picker like this, the yellow one not the man, ecept ours is for avocados and grapefruit.

  4. There are a few sticky traps to use and still be pesticide free.You use a red orb that resembles a ripe apple and it attracts the codling moths.

  5. They look rustic, not ugly. I bet the make great sauce!

  6. I would call them vintage...and we all know how popular that is. I will be over soon to test your applesauce♥

  7. What a joy -- harvesting organic apples at home and turning them into applesauce. (I like Out on the Prairie's suggestion.)

  8. I love homemade applesauce but not the corse kind. My Mom used to make the corse and I disliked it.

    I have to have mine smooth like a baby has in baby food. Ha-ha.

    What kind do you make?

  9. It's not at all ugly when it's made into applesauce. Is that yellow thing specifically for picking apples or a Haegele invention?

  10. I wish I liked applesauce, bad experience when I was a kid growing up at home with my parents applesauce. I am sure yours will be fabulous.

  11. It´s the taste that matters anyway - and I think they are charming! :-)

  12. Homemade apple sauce sounds wonderful. We have a couple of apple trees too, also organic. A friend takes our apples to make delicious cider.

  13. That's more than we got.. We didn't get hit by Sandy, we actually didn't know what hit our fuji apple tree but over night ALL the fruit which were the size of golf balls were gone... Thanks for partying with us :).

  14. I don't think it matters that they are irregularly shaped, they are your own grown apples and that is special.


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