Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who's Been Shaking the Snow Globe?

Ambler, PA

Whoever is in charge of the snow globe this year
sure has been having fun.
And I like it.
If the skies are going to be grey,
you might as well have snow too.
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  1. i just said to my hubby this morning, who left the door to the North Pole open... as i type i have on a sweater and for petes sake this is the tropics. but we do have sun and it is only 58 LOL

  2. Here we don't have snow at all. But then again no one has on the Mediterranean sea.

  3. This is a gorgeous shot! I have been praying and wishing and hoping for snow. . . you're welcome!

  4. Agreed, it's nice to see the snow stick around for a bit.

  5. I have lots visiting this weekend, up to a foot. Time to sled and ski.


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