Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eye of the Crane

Every so often
I find a photographer
and study his/her works for inspiration.

Have you heard of W.E.Garrett?
He has worked for National Geographic
And has photographed quite extensively in Asia.
I found this image of his particularly inspiring.

Cambodia 1968 by W.E.Garrett

Out of an entire book of images, 
this is the one stuck with me. 
I love the neutral colored textures. 
I love the pop of red. 
I love the human element. 
I love how the window frames the subject. 
I love the composition. 

On a recent trip to a zoo, 
his image popped into my head. 
Here is the result. 

Sandhill Crane
Eye of the Crane 
Elmwood Park Zoo, Norristown, PA

When I saw this Sandhill Crane 
I saw some of the things I loved. 

The neutral textures. 
The pop of red. 
A life element, although not human. 
The framing of the eye, 
The composition. 

I am pretty happy with this image 
and I don't think I would have captured it 
had I not studied the works of W.E.Garrett! 
And since Cambodia is not even on my bucket list, 
this will have to do.   

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  1. i much prefer yours over the other... that eye is amazing and so is the photo. but i do like the faces that are in the walls of the photo.. i had to sit and stare to find the faces carved out of the stones... great idea to get ideas by studying others. i have tried looking at photos and they make me feel inspired. as in wheni went to your photographs of Philly.... the thing is i am inspired but then i don't see like you do

  2. Your photo is stunning, the delicate layers of feathers lead you to the prize. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Your image is just beautiful!! I have never studied photography or even taken a class. I "take" pictures for fun!!

  4. Beautiful photographs - I've never thought to take photographs in that way. Stunning #ThePhotoGallery

  5. I never think about studying other photographers too much, but you showed us a good reason to study them. Great photos, both his and yours!

  6. Wow ,love that crane. I think of impressionist painters a lot when on a shoot looking at colors and textures.

  7. Your crane photo is absolutely stunning.

  8. Oh WOW. This is a fantastic picture, Rebecca, and I love that you thought of W.E. Garrett when you captured it. Wow.

  9. What a terrific photo - a great eye and photo - works every way - what a great comparison to the Garrett photo, also beautiful.

  10. I can see why you're pleased with your photo! It's much prettier and appealing to me than the other one.

  11. Wonderful. Sometimes I want to get too much in the photo. Hope I can continue to learn from you.

  12. Beautifull fotos, have a nice weekend.

  13. both beautiful photographic art. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs


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