Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where Dreamers Dream

There is a garden
not just of living things.

Dejeuner Déjà Vu, Seward Johnson
'Déjeuner Déjà Vu' is inspired by Edouard Manet’s 'Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe'

But a garden
that inspires dreams.

Where daydream believers
join nighttime dreamers
to hide beneath those bluebird's wings
and dream the day away.

Depression Breadline, George Segal

Oh yeah, there is such a place.

Copyright Violation! by Seward Johnson
Inspiration: Claude Monet painting, 'Terrace Ste Adresse'

A life-giving garden,
that breathes a breath of life
into each artist's dream.

Inspired by Vermeer's Girl With the Pearl Earring

Come along and let yourself dream too.

RelativeFrederick Morante
Relative, Frederick Morante

Afterall, it's a dreamy kind of day.

All images taken at
Grounds for Sculpture,
Trenton, NJ.

Click here for more of my
images from Grounds for Sculpture.
With 42 acres...
there are a lot more images to be taken
on my next, not as cold, visit.

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MadSnapper said...

triple WOW! i had no idea this place existed, your photos are art of the art...

MadSnapper said...

your gallery is locked and needs a password

~JarieLyn~ said...

Wow, these are amazing. I especially like the photo of the bread line sculpture. What an amazing place. I would love to visit that place someday.

James said...

Beautiful shots! One of these days I'll finally go to this place.

Regarding your question. I've only tried "shooting from the hip" only once and I failed miserably. Now I just try to be as discrete as possible but I am willing to be obvious if the situation is fleeting. It's embarrassing at times but it gets easier the more I do it, especially if I get good shots. Thanks for the compliment! :-)

Mersad said...

Good to see you back. Downsizing can help us to focus on something. Lovely images.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Looks like an amazing place to visit.

Out on the prairie said...

There is a small sculpture garden NW of me. I like the first two best and of course Claude, who I see in many of my pics.

genie said...

What an awesome collection. I would love to visit there. I Love the Seward Johnson visualization of Monet by far the best. I visited his home place so I am especially attached to picture by him and about him. Lovely captures.

Helen said...

I would love to visit this garden with my camera - so interesting. I love the Vermeer girl interpretation - one of my favourite artists. Thanks for visiting Weekend Walks - even though I didn't manage to get it set up for the weekend!

Light and Voices said...

I am really impressed with this garden and with your walk there. Monet...the girl with the pearl earring....all artists that I am interested in as well as you must be.
JM Illinois