Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Wine, Two Wine, Red Wine, White Wine

Random Whines About Wine 

Yesterday I went to a store 
to buy a variety of wine my daughter had gifted us at Christmas. 
Only to find you can't get that wine in PA.  

Table for Two 
Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania is still pretty close to the prohibition era. 
(Is there any other state that has such limited access to alcohol? 
Utah?  Maybe, but I haven't been there to know.)

When in other states, alcohol is sold quite normally in supermarkets.
My husband said in Michigan he even saw it in a CVS Store. 
Unheard of! 

The Bride and Groom
Philadelphia, PA

When shopping for a dinner wine, 
I need to make a special trip to a state store
Yep, a state store is the only place that can sell wine. 
Perhaps I would like a special wine that my store doesn't carry. 
Too bad, they are only permitted to place special orders 2x per year. 

Austrian Village
Rockledge, PA

And let's say, I'd like to pick up some beer for my husband as well. 
That requires yet another trip.
Off to the beer distributor where I can only buy beer by the case.
A six pack? 
I would have to go to another state for one. 
But I would have to drink it all there 
because I cannot bring alcohol into PA from out-of-state 
unless I am from out-of-state and gifting it to someone in-state. 

Hourderves at Kingsleigh Inn
Southwest Harbor, Maine 

**Game Changer Alert!**
Enter Wegman's
Since Wegman's has an in-store cafe
they qualify as a restaurant
and a restaurant can get a state liquor license 
to sell and serve alcohol by the bottle or glass. 
(Wegman's can sell you 6 packs.
 they just can't sell you a case.)
This license is regulated to one venue per 3,000 people in the community. 
If a venue cannot get a license, 
or does not want to pay the exorbitant fees for one, 
they will often allow diners to bring their own alcohol.
Or they might give you a complimentary glass of wine. 

Ready for the Storm
Ambler, PA

How does any of this make sense? 
I think I need a glass of wine.

I purchased a bottle the store clerk thought I would like
based on the description I gave him.
I'll let you know. 


carol l mckenna said...

Looks like a lovely party ~ wine and cheese always great ~ creative BW ~ thanks

arol and artmusedog

Kmcblackburn said...

FYI...I finally found a website that will deliver wine to Pennsylvania! (in case you are interested).

MadSnapper said...

these photos are totally AWESOME! each one makes me sit and stare and I don't even drink wine or any other alcohol... but i sure love these photos... hubby is from PA and I knew all this because of his stories from the past.
Two weeks in a row, I saw a man try to buy 3 gallon jugs of wine and another man with 3 24 in a case of beer at 6:45 AM in Walmart. they were both NOT VERY NICE when the cashier said you can't buy alcohol before 7 am... when I told Bot this, he said they should move to PA....then they could complain...

Mersad said...

These are great. I like the soft light and the ambiance. The crystal in the first image looks very nice.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Wow, those are crazy laws. I don't drink very often but I do love a couple of glasses of wine every now and then, and of course, my husband loves his beer. As always, your photos are amazing. They are so professional and impactful.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Out on the prairie said...

Iowa was state ran stores for wine and alcohol for years. It made the change years ago,but still is the distributer. I go to a local grocery for a great selection.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Girl, you need to come to Michigan. I will take you on a wine tasting trip you will never forget, and there are some awesome things to photograph as well. Said as I am enjoying a glass of Riesling bought at the grocery store on Monday. Are you reading Eight Girls Taking Pictures right now? I loved that book.

Kathy said...

Texas also has some prohibition era restrictions. There is no statewide law. Each county/city/precinct has its own regulations. There are still areas where to get a glass of wine or beer in a restaurant you have to join a "private club" run by the restaurant. I remember going to college in Oklahoma. Of course, that was light years ago and I'm not sure that it's still in effect, but if you were old enough to imbibe, many places only sold drinks if you brought your own bottle. Then you paid the establishment for the mixers they mixed with your booze and that they served to you!

The Tablescaper said...

I remember State Stores - when I went to college in PA. Fortunately, its a lot easier in NY. Thanks for your visit.

- Alma, The Tablescaper

abrianna said...

You're right-all of that makes no sense. I have a headache now after all that. The state I lived in before this one sold beer and limited wine in stores. The state I am in now supermarkets have a good small selection of wines as well as regular liquor stores.

Lovely photos by the way-came from Black and White Wednesdays.