Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello Friday
What Pneumonia Has for Breakfast 

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In 24 hrs. a human really can sleep more than their dog.
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Breathing is underappreciated in day to day life.
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It's surprising what you'll eat when you can't eat.
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I really do feel for all the people
who lived (and died) prior to modern medicine.
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The last day I remember is Monday...
Hello Friday. 

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  1. Nice composition... And the B&W add quite an atmosphere to the pic, great choice.

  2. Somber mood with b&w photo, but great reflections in spoon and cup.

  3. I have said that many many times, i would not have wanted to live before modern medicine... can you imagine what you have with no meds, no inhalers, no doctors near by.... hope you feel better soon... oops forgot to say NO JELLO.. YIKES.. no 7 up or ginger ale or soda crackers and campbells chicken noodle soup.

  4. Hope you get better, being sick isn't any fun.

  5. Wishing you health soon! Meanwhile, hope you can start to feel like eating:):)

  6. A well captured selfie on the spoon. get well soon.

  7. Oh, my. Sounds like you've had a less than stellar week. I'm hoping the fact that you were able to post this means that you are feeling better. Get well very soon. PS I know what you mean about google+, I mean seriously, why doesn't it list the blog address? Let me know if you ever figure it out :)

  8. Take care Rebecca! All the best!

  9. Oh my goodness, Rebecca.
    I sure hope you are well soon.
    Take good care of you.

  10. Good to see you are up and about, but please take it easy, pneumonia has a way of not giving up.

  11. I wondered where you had been these past few days! Take care, take it easy, and get well. Spring is in the air and you gotta see it!

  12. Does this have anything o do with the overly sensitive skin you were experiencing? Feel better!!!

  13. Oh you poor girl, how awful. I sure hope you start feeling soon. Spring is finally coming, it would be a shame for you to be missing it with your camera.


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