Tuesday, April 15, 2014

桜 Sakura

The Cherry Blossom.


In 1926 Japan gave the city of Philadelphia
1600 flowering trees
to celebrate 150th anniversary
of the independence of the United States.


Today, Subaru sponsors a
Cherry Blossom Festival
 every year in Philadelphia
to help the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia
continue to plant and maintain
cherry trees in the city.


The highlight of the festival
is on Sakura Sunday
when the Tamagawa Taiko Drum and Dance Troupe perform.
Their performance is thundering energetic perfection.


Now, if I could just get
the allergies to cooperate with the cherry blossom pollen
I would be very happy.


I lost a full camera card of images at the festival.
So I am only left with the few images that were in camera.
Lesson learned.

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Kathy said...

I have seen one of these dance performances. They are amazing to watch! I didn't know Phillie had all those beautiful cherry trees.

Out on the prairie said...

Get a bigger card and never have to change it. Lovely shots shared, I have the sniffles when the trees bloom, but really enjoy the colors.

Mersad said...

I feel your pain in regards to the card :( But the ones you managed to save are great!

Mersad Donko Photography

DawnTreader said...

But the ones you were left with are really good ones! :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Oh how sad that you lost all those photos :( It looks like a wonderful event, and I love seeing the flowering trees. Maybe someday we will have them here again...

Hilarus Fuscus said...

I bet this Sakura is very nice too see!

kissed by an angel said...

That you lost your photos is really sad! The pictures you have save are so, so beautiful!!! Also the photos of your last post...I have forgotten to say it...because the story about Aunt Jeanne :)...I very much like your pictures and all the wonderful blossom trees!!! It must be a great event! I can hear the drums...
Enjoy a wonderful time & Happy Easter :)

kissed by an angel said...

P.S.: What is the mystical grey thing in the cherry trees?...I can't really recognize it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry for your camera card:( But maybe a reason the return next year to take more pics? Have a happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Oh the allergies! I hear you! Thank you for sharing! Love learning new things!

Snap said...

How lovely! Nothing like Cherry trees in bloom. Sorry you lost images. The ones you shared are wonderful. There is a Japanese Festival where I live every year, and this year I missed it. Happy Spring and tell the allergies to go away!

Kim said...

Would love to experience this! Thank you for sharing this history. I knew something of it, but not the dates or significance. Would be a beautiful site. And yes...those allergies! I'm half dying today.

Tamar SB said...

How gorgeous! I love cherry blossoms - so sorry about the lost camera card - that stinks, big time!