Monday, May 12, 2014

A Mom's Life

The Good 
Mother's Day - While I think is really just an over-rated Hallmark event,
it was nice to speak to each of the kids all in one day!

The Random 
My theory on Mother's Day:
When my kids have kids, I'll take the kids for a day so mom has a day off.
No obligatory visits, flowers or cards required here.
Mother's Day should be for Moms with ankle biters at home.

The Fun 
The thought of my kids having kids.
Especially the one that gave us so much trouble
but ended up being the strict type.
Now, that's gonna be fun to watch. 

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Unknown said...

I LOVE Mother's Day! I don't care who created it : ). It's always a great day to tell my Mommy I love her.

EG CameraGirl said...

I totally agree with you, Rebecca! ;)

Tamar SB said...

I made a similar comment yesterday. On mother's day mom is left alone and and dad takes the kids. On father's day mom gets to be alone and says "honey spend time with your kids!"
The flowers are gorgeous!!

Out on the prairie said...

Some lovely pictures and thoughts. Laughed when I thought of being younger and my mom always getting the day off with my dad fixing a picnic or just staying at home.

jabblog said...

I agree, Rebecca - too commercialised by far. I like your ideas, though.

4 Lettre Words said...

Lovely blooms!

Party of 5 said...

I like your insight...whatever the case I hope that every family realizes just how precious mom is :)
A day off would have been gold for me.

Nicki said...

I agree that there are many over-commercialised Hallmark holidays - but Mother's Day is probably one that is deserved - the one day where we can take a break and not feel that maternal tug of guilt for letting others do something selfless for us. Still over-commercialised - but at least the thought is in the right place. Your flowers are quite lovely.

Ida said...

You know I don't understand why people think holidays are too "commercialized" - I personally love getting gifts and cards, flowers etc...and also giving them. I don't just do it on holidays either but I think having that one special day is fun. I had a blast yesterday giving my mom gifts all day long. I started with a small gift in the morning, then one after church, one mid-afternoon and one in the evening. She had fun opening all of them too.

Melissa Hopper said...

Wow!! I love love the first shot!

sunshine said...

Wonderful photos.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I personally think each Mom should get to pick their day, and it doesn't have to be be on Mother's Day to spend time with each of their kids and just enjoy the moment.

Kim Cunningham said...

These are so pretty and delicate. I love the second one.

Anonymous said...

New follower from The Good, Random, Fun blog hop! Your pictures are beautiful! I hope you find time to visit my blog as well. I feel we should treat everyday like mothers day, fathers day or even valentines day. Shower your loved ones with love and affection as often as you can. Never letting them forget they are loved, appreciated and cared for. We never know if we are given the next holiday so don't wait for it! :-)

Cheryl McCain said...

LOVE your images, especially how the first one has such great depth of field! (from Texture Tuesday -