Friday, May 23, 2014

Italian Immigrants' Legacy in the City of Brotherly Love

My dear Italian friends
and relatives,
your people have mastered their cuisine.
Italian Parking 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

Yep, kraut, wursts and mutton
don't do it for me
as I had the unfortunate
culinary experience of growing up
(and marrying) German/English ancestry.
Neither the German nor the English
have quite mastered the culinary arts.
Scales of Time 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

When my sister married an Italian,
well, a whole new world was introduced to us.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh Mozzarella
Roasted Vegetables
Ok, ok, you get the idea.
It was like,
"Where has this food been all of my life?"
A German and an Italian on the Merits of Basil 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

Enter the S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival
in Philadelphia and you have entered
foodie heaven.
My German in Foodie Heaven 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

Now on Philadelphia cheesesteaks:
If you are anywhere else in this country
and your menu says Philadelphia cheesesteak
I guarantee you, it is NOT a Philly Cheesesteak.
Cheesesteaks for Breakfast 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

My husband was in Michigan
a couple weeks ago where
Philly Cheesesteak was on the menu.
The waiter asked a patron
if they would like it with or without mayo.
Hand to forehead. 
He informed the waiter,
"They would beat you up in Philly
if you asked that about a cheesesteak."
And he is probably right.
Stocking Up 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

Italian breads are like no other either.
That's one reason the cheesesteaks here
(and hoagies)
are one of a kind.
De-li-cious Breads.
Half a Pound of Salami 
S. 9th Street Italian Market Festival 
Philadelphia, PA 

Now that my mouth is watering
I will have to check the fridge for what
we have left to eat from the festival.
I'm thinking about those grilled artichokes
right about now.

Bobby Flay's Cheesesteak Throw Down

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Kmcblackburn said...

It's ALL about the bread!

Wayne said...

My college roommate and I did our weekly shopping at the Italian Market. A college classmates was one of the Esposito brothers (Lee?) from Esposito meats on 9th St, where we were well treated. The Italian Market is one of the true gems of the city.

Mersad said...

The life in the city really shows well in these images. Those baguettes look really good, but I also like the various herbs and cheeses!

Mersad Donko Photography

Ruth Kelly said...

I love Italian. My mouth is watering just from your descriptions and I really need to come visit Philadelphia.

MadSnapper said...

I love that scale... hubby's favorite food of all foods is Philly Cheesesteak that is one thing he misses, but he has found a couple here that are almost as good.

Out on the prairie said...

All lookska great. My mothers side was very Italian, I took a cooking class in Tuscany a few years back. They applauded my grandmother when she showed up with Wandas for her church bazaar, and all were gone in a few minutes.

Pauline said...

Reminds me of our first landlady after I was married. She 'adopted' me and did her best to pass on her flair for food. I 'inherited' her love of food (especially the eating part) but not the ability to cook it. I think I'd really enjoy these streets.

ImagesByCW | OceanDreamIllustration said...

Oh, I so get you about the pitfalls of German ancestry. Or in my case of actually being German - LOL. Like you I love Italian cuisine, love it! Your pictures and description are just great and I think we might have some Bruschetta as a snack soon. Although there are a few German treats that, even if they do not look good, are pretty darn' yummy :D

ImagesByCW | OceanDreamIllustration said...

p.s. I just read your part about Googleland - for everybody who has set up their profile right, it should be easy. When on their profile just click the about tab, and then scroll down, there is a section with links - et voila!

Claudya Martinez said...

Now, I'm all kinds of hungry.

Anonymous said...

My one friend Maria is Italian. She invited me over to her house when I first met her at at work. Oh my she made the best food as all Italians do. The pasta, the salad. The bread oh my. This was the lunch. I could not believe it.

Now one relative married an Italian guy. "Rocky" The wedding I think we had 6 course meal. We all were stuffed. Even had large steaks each and roast beef. Oh my. They sure do go all out. So do my Greek friends. My hubby is Dutch and they do the same. I learned to cook Dutch. Oh my,my and there desserts. I am getting hungry telling you this.

Great pictures all.

CJ said...

OK, so, besides the bread, what makes a Philly Steak a Philly Steak?

I've seen them in various locations, but I'm not a big sandwich person and don't eat much red meat. I usually order a salad. I've been to Philadelphia lots of times, but not lately. If I ever tried one I don't remember ---and they are supposed to be so good, I probably would have remembered.

I think my husband ordered a Philly Steak hoagie a few months ago, but we're at the other end of your state, so it was probably really a "Burgh" Steak ---obviously an inferior imitation.

Suburban Girl said...

I don't eat red meat either so I order a chicken cheesesteak which is made in the same fashion just with chicken. The meat is sliced really thin, seasoned with oil, salt and pepper and cooked on a griddle over a high heat while kind of chopping it as you turn it, then the cheese is worked in. Why it tastes so good...I have no idea.

Unknown said...

Wanted to highlight your sliced salami shot but don't know to access your photos.