Thursday, May 1, 2014

Free Speech Projector
Free Speech Projector  
Asbury Park, New Jersey

“Everyone is in favor of free speech. 
Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, 
but some people's idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, 
but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.”  
― Winston Churchill 


MadSnapper said...

rock on Winston, you were so right!!!! hope you are safe from the rain and flooding, i saw a phillly rescue on a bus that was flooded.

Alicia said...

Wow, that is really eye-opening! Your photo and the quote from Churchill. So many people think that it's just a recent problem that if anyone says anything back it's an outrage, but obviously it's been going on for years! The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Love that sign on the brink. Awesome.