Thursday, July 31, 2014

Horizon of the Aten
Sunset: 31 Jul 2014 
Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ 

We traveled south to Sunset Beach 
becoming part of the pilgrimage also making their way there. 
Pilgrims carrying chairs 
to sit and watch the sunset like a movie on a big screen. 
We paid our respects to the sun 
and then moved on 
before getting caught in the pilgrims' mass exodus.  

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  1. What a lovely beach to enjoy. Just met someone from that area last week.

  2. Gorgeous! Just love that golden light!

  3. Love this! I used to make up stories of that sunken ship as a kid and just adore how it's silhouetted!

  4. Love the water, the sunset and the beach.

  5. It's such a pretty spot, I have been there so many times!! You captured a beautiful image of the sun setting and the quiet at the end of the day!!

  6. What a beautiful shot! I have only been there once and it was a wonderful place to watch the sun set. We went in May (2011) and it wasn't crowded but I imagine that it's very crowded now.

  7. Amazing photo! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.


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