Sunday, July 13, 2014

Morning Cards in the Big City
Astoria, New York City 

Good weather took us to New York City
for a day.
Strolling past this doorway,
I randomly peeked inside
and found these men having fun with
smokes and cards at 10am on a Saturday.

Once they spotted me,
they waved me in and invited me to play, but...
I don't smoke
I don't play cards
I'm not a man
and my husband was patiently waiting nearby
for me to stop flirting.

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  1. to funny, the men playing, the fact they invited you in and the hubby waiting. good for them, getting them out of the house. their own social network.

  2. If you had stayed, I think you would have ended up with quite a few good shots. :)

  3. They wanted some new blood it looked like.

  4. That's so fun! Great find and how sweet the invited you in!

  5. Oh...there could be some great stories here! I am sure they would have loved to have had you stay.

  6. You've just proved the merit and value of "peeping" :)

  7. I think you would have made their day! :)


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