Friday, October 31, 2014

Annual Pumpkin Carving

Soccer Boy picked a logo to carve.

He cleans the pumpkin out. 

Pins the design to the pumpkin. 

Sister, who lacks patience chose a simple owl. 

Son-in-law, also a soccer boy, also chose a soccer logo. 

Ready to carve. 

Making progress. 

First one finished. 

Soccer Boy thinks he has carpel tunnel syndrome 
after carving this. 

Son-in-law wraps his up shortly after. 

Happy Halloween. 

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Tamar SB said...

Great pumpkins!!

MadSnapper said...

wow am I impressed. i did not even know they make these templates...these are Awesome and don't tell the boys, but i love the owl best of all

cedarmerefarm said...

I am impressed! We never seemed to be able to do anything half way decent, let alone a recognizable design. The owl is my favorite. Happy Halloween.

Ruth Kelly said...

Very cool! All that work brings out the best.

Mersad said...

Some of them, were really intricate designs. Great making-of stills. The finished results are awesome!

Ida said...

They all did great jobs with these. We skipped pumpkin carving this year much to Coleen's dismay (she loves carving the pumpkins). It does really hurt your hands.