Monday, November 17, 2014

The City of Bridges

The Free Bridge in a Fog

Easton, PA:
A civil engineer's paradise.

Bridges Over Bridges

Once a hub of industrial transportation,
this small city boasts not only bridges,
but canals and rivers too.

Underneath  Bridges 

Surrounding the backdrop of this historical eye-candy,
Easton has been reinventing itself as a tourist town.

The Toll Bridge

Offering festivals
trendy shops
and restaurants...

Abandoned Bridges

...Easton has almost become a worthwhile destination.
If it wasn't for the abundance of guards hollering and shouting at people
it would be a worthwhile destination.
And drive very carefully,
because police citations appeared rampant too.
I'm not sure what the reason was for soooo many people getting pulled over.
That part seemed a little hostile.

Rivers and Bridges

But it is a destination that is calling me to return.

Distant Bridges

On a recent day trip, my camera and I
only covered a square mile of what is to be seen and photographed.

Pants-on-the-Ground Bridges - They have them too. 
(I just learned you are not allowed to take pics from this bridge. 

Nearby Phillipsburg (NJ),  Lehigh and Allentown
offer up visual feasts as well.

River's Edge

And, I really need to figure out how to access
a rock outcrop that provides an visual overview of Easton.
I know it is possible.
I've read about it.
I've seen the images.
I just couldn't locate the access.

A Sad Bridge 

So, I am going back.

Red's Bridge, Phillipsburg, NJ 
Officer 'Red' lost his life responding to a call of a domestic dispute. 

Only this time,
I will find one of those trendy, upscale places for lunch.

A number of these images have been edited with 
Topaz Impression. 
They offer 30 day trials. 
Here is a $10 off link 
you can use if you find something you like.

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  1. Rebecca, you have outdone yourself on these, every single one is a work of art.. i can't even pick a favor... i will be showing this post to Bob.. AWESOME!!! truly AWESOME! post.. even throw in a few WOW's

  2. Bob loves these, he lived 20 miles from there... he wants to know if the pretzel factory is still in Easton

  3. That is a lot of bridge goodness all in one place. Love your images and excited to see what you find when you go back. Love drooping pants boy.

  4. What a great post. So many awesome bridges and photos of them. I like them all but especially enjoyed The Toll Bridge and Rivers and Bridges shots.

  5. So many great photos! I especially love the one of the Rivers and Bridges with the red trees framing it. Not too many fancy or pretty bridges here, just the regular ones on the freeways!

  6. Wow. I LOVE THIS! The photos are just wonderful - each as unique as the bridge itself! I don't think I've ever been to Easton - I was born in Allentown and grew up in I love discovering corners of my home state. Don't get back as much as I'd like, but your photos are sure inviting!!

  7. That is gorgeous! Love bridges - such great photo subjects.

  8. These are just wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'v driven through it on my motorcycle, I need to make it a destination. Old rusty railroad bridges are high on my list of fav's, these are wonderful.

  10. Your bridge photos are stunning! Will drop by if we are in the area.

  11. What wonderful images of some mighty cool bridges. The red mill on your banner is sweet! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  12. Wonderful old trestles and bridges! Love the rusted iron! Your artistic treatment of that one shot is great too. Great photos of all!

  13. Welcome Rebecca. I'm glad you linked up. Each is amazing. I can't imagine not being allowed to take pictures from the bridge. Were you given a reason?

  14. oh these are all gorgeous images! lol'ing at the pants on the ground bridge :) how weird, i wonder why you can't take pictures from that bridge?

  15. fabulous series of bridge images. love your edits. did you use topaz for them?

  16. Yes, go back, please, and get another square mile or two. Hopefully, all pants will be up. Why no photos from the bridge. Weird.


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