Friday, November 14, 2014

There Goes the Sun

At only 3pm the sun is low in the sky.
And to top it all off,
the day ended with snow.
I'm not sure I am ready for that yet. 

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  1. but it made a stunning photo... i am going to check our sun at 3, i don't think it is that low but not sure

  2. I leave work at 4 which around here is sunset time! It's crazy!

  3. Good thing that little tree is where it is, a few feet more and it might get arrested for trespassing :-) I'm not too crazy about riding my motorcycle home in the dark with all the deer.

  4. The night seems so terribly long with the early darkness. I am ready for bed by 7 or 8.

  5. This is really beautiful, Rebecca!

  6. Love the pic. Taking photos of leaves is one of the best things during fall.
    When I leave work a little early i.e. at 5 pm - it is dark, completely dark. O.k. in the morning it is light, but..

  7. I feel cheated! I live about 20 miles from you and I haven't seen snow since last winter.

  8. Very nice shot! I like the colors and the composition a lot.


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