Friday, January 9, 2015

Boots on the Ground
Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 
Shot from my hip. 

It's clearly boot season in the city.

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  1. This just in ... 5 out of every 7 Philadelphian's wear high boots. I realize they are in fashion because my wife has more than several pairs, which if often the subject of 'debates' in our home.

  2. boots are IN this season, they are all over every show on TV from talk shows to Series and new movies... we don't see many boots here, but i have seen a few this year..

  3. Yes! I love to wear my boots. It is such a short time in Texas, unless you wear cowgirl boots to dance in.

  4. It's even boot weather here. Unfortunately, the only kind I have are the ones that I can trudge through cow patties out in the pasture in!

  5. I like the angled perspective and the b&w - perfect for urban shots such as this.

  6. Boots do seem to be really "in" these days. I saw a cool pair today in an ad that if I were much younger I would have bought. Anymore I go for comfort over style.


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