Monday, January 26, 2015

Email on a Snowy Morning

Prints Available:
Fonthill in the Snow, Doylestown, PA
Canon 5D II, Canon 24-70 2.8L
125s, F8, 200ISO, 70mm 
Edited in Lightroom 5, Topaz Impression, Photoshop Elements

I woke up to an email last week.

"What are you doing today?
Do you want to take photos of winter scenes?"

Heck yeah!

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  1. I know that's what I'll be doing in the next few days!
    Gorgeous shot!

  2. I'm just handicapped. We don't have scenes like that where I live. Our winers are just brown grass, brown trees, often without leaves, somes with. But the jonquils will be blooming soon and I'm expecting the cedar waxwings any day. Our photograph is amazing.

  3. should be in heaven the next couple of days then :)

  4. I wish I would have woken up to that e-mail versus having to drive my daughter a hour away to the airport to struggle with getting her on a flight and back to Boston. But despite the frustrating crawl through the snow, you can bet that was on my mind and as soon as I got home I made a beeline out to get some pictures. This image is gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous. Heck yeah!

  5. The snow scene is wonderful. A good friend to send you the email.

  6. so beautiful and from what the weather girl said this morning you will have a real snow to shoot in today.... stay safe.

  7. beautiful. I won't be able to get outdoors with a camera till some time on Wednesday as we are in the midst of an epic blizzard.

  8. That is a stunning photo, I love the edit on it. I seriously need a friend like yours :-).

  9. I love those kind of emails.....Beautiful photo; looks like a post card.....

  10. I would love an email like that. My one photo friend now works full time, I miss the fun of her company. My husband has gotten used to the, " stop, stop, pull over so I can take a picture" moments in the car!


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