Thursday, January 8, 2015

Get Your Hats Trimmed Free of Charge
Lit Brothers' Building, 8th & Market, Philadelphia, PA 

Back in the day - 1890s - 
Lit Brothers Department Store 
would trim your new hat for free.
The Iron Facade of Lit Brothers' Building, 8th & Market, Philadelphia, PA 

Seeing that old sign made me long for a hat that could be trimmed
until I saw this in a store window...
The Feather Duster Hat 

Who needs a hat trimmed
when you can just put a feather duster on your head.
I'm wondering what kind of fashion statement
I could make with a Swiffer Duster.
It sure beats cleaning with it.

And might be an improvement...

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  1. A fun post today for sure...I wonder what they trimmed on a hat? I love the feather duster hat!

  2. I love historic buildings, especially in Philly!

  3. i am glad you showed the photo of the hat at the end because i have never heard of trimming a hat and wondered what that meant. i can see now the feathers would need to be trimmed..

  4. Well, that hat's certainly quirky!

    Looking up at buildings like that make me dizzy... even if they're in a photo! Great shot, though. :)

  5. Love historic buildings, especially ones that still tell the story of when they were in their heyday.

  6. What a great sign: it took me a second to put the meaning right because I think of trimming as something done with a scissors!

  7. First, these are gorgeous shots! Secondly, that hat is very reminiscent of a feather duster!

  8. I don't think we'll ever see the queen sporting one of these!

  9. I like that building and old sign. The feather duster"hat" is hilarious. :-)

  10. Such a beautiful old building. A feather duster might improve on my hair some days....

  11. They don't make buildings like that anymore - what a beauty! The feather duster hat is too funny!

  12. Gosh love that old building and the lettering! A Swiffer dusting now that is an interesting idea.


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