Friday, February 13, 2015

Behind Every Sane Woman is a Good Dog
This Face Melts My Heart

Six years ago 
I dog sat someone's Pomeranian for three months. 
I loved that dog. 
She left a hole in my heart.  
So I went on to find my own Pomeranian.
White Whiskers on the Right. 

Ever practical Mr. Engineer was not too thrilled with the idea. 
He said, "No more dogs." 
(We had one at the time.) 
I changed the ringtone for his calls to"The Grinch."
Black Whiskers on the Left. 

But I perused Petfinder daily anyway.
I found a 4 month Pom puppy
that had been rescued from an Ohio Puppy Mill.
I made arrangements to bring him home.
Mr. Engineer was still saying no.
He didn't know about the arrangements.
Quite the quandary.
"I Hear My Friend Mia Barking Over There."

A friend who knew my quandary talked to my husband,
I have no idea what she said,
but Mr. Engineer reluctantly relented
and I brought my puppy home.
I named him Nittany in honor of my husband's alma mater
and I changed the ringtone back.
Basking in the Sun

The poor little thing was petrified of everything.
He had spent four months of his life in a crate in a barn
not even let out to do his business.
All he was good for to the breeder
was eventually breeding more puppies.
A Random Burst of Energy 

Now he is a happy part of the family
who has just been inside and outside 5 or 6 times,
ate something disgusting
and now doesn't feel well.

So, about that sane statement...
I'm reconsidering.

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  1. What a beautiful post and a handsome dog. Well done for giving him his forever home.

  2. Mia is adorable! Love the shots, they are full of life and energy.

  3. It's difficult for me to understand how anyone could operate a puppy mill. Mia is so lucky you adopted her!

  4. beautiful story-our pets are so special. we had our Nikita for around 14 years before she passed two years ago-I had never been so sad it took me over a year to really deal with her loss-as she was so much a part of our family. at our age now I didn't want another furry family member and I just couldn't wrap my head around "replacing" her. so our outdoor kitty that we have had for over 10 years has now moved in with us-she is such a blessing too--so your story really touched my heart-hugs

  5. i love the don't shop bone at the end. what a beautiful love story for the day before Valentine day. there are moments when we wonder why oh why we rescued Baby.. but they are short and gone in a flash... loved your story

  6. A wonderful story of rescue. My daughter and significant other just adopted a bigger dog, part lab, and he is a loving and adorable pet. He is still a little skittish at times, and no one knows what he may have endured.

  7. He's adorable! What a beautiful story... so glad you got him.

  8. God bless our pups! Can't imagine my life without them :)

  9. What a great story and beautiful photos! Neither of my dogs are fond of the camera, so it's tough for me to get them to pose.

  10. She is sooooo cute and looks she had a lot of fun. So glad you got her out of the place. I get so angry when I hear of this puppy mills.

  11. Very cute, and such a heartwarming story. My grandma used to have a pomeranian named Samantha. After my grandpa died, she would sit on top of his boots and growl at anyone who came near. She was really his dog.

  12. Many years ago I took an apricot Pom puppy from a military family who was being sent overseas and could not take him with them and drove him over a thousand miles to my parents'. My mom had always wanted a Pom. My dad, who was a big burly fellow, huffed and puffed, but the puppy grew up to do lots of sitting in my dad's lap and gave them many years of joy!

  13. I hate puppy mills.

    Nittany is gorgeous.

  14. Awwww - I bet when Mr. Engineer finally came around your face resembled the one of your 'puppy basking in the sun'. I hope one day we will have a dog. And then it will be a rescue, too. But for now - we both work full time = not a place for a dog...
    p.s. I can't believe your Pom has got black and white whiskers - how cute is that?!

  15. I'm not a dog owner but I think your pooch is the cat's meow!

  16. Oh, Rebecca, he is beautiful and he looks like he knows he is loved. What more could any dog ask for? A true love story for valentine's day.

  17. Oh my gosh, the fact that he lived in a crate in the barn for that long breaks my heart! I am so glad you rescued him! We had a Pomeranian growing up named Timmy.

  18. What an adorable little fellow.... I can totally see how he captured your heart


  19. What a great story! Our little Bugsy is a puppy mill dog, having lived his first 2 years in a cage. He brought some baggage with him that after 7 years are still there but we have learned to handle. All in all he has been a wonderful companion and certainly deserving of a better life.

  20. What gorgeous pic of your pup!! He is lucky to have found you!

  21. Aw! There's a little tear in my eye....I LOVE this story - rescue dogs are the best. So glad you found each other and that you got to change your ring-tone back! :) Lol!

  22. What a darling little dog. I'm so glad it now has a forever home and is loved the way it should be.

  23. Bless you for rescuing this precious pup. He's beautiful and I can tell he is happy and loving all the attention you give him...What a happy ending to a sad beginning....

  24. Hard to stay away from pets at my house. I have two rescues, and they are my entertainment many days of the week. It is fun to have someone join me when on a shoot until they wreck a perfect shot. While I hunt, they join me.

  25. Love this post! How sweet! Glad the pup is doing well.

  26. Yes, adopting is the best way with a dog or cat. So many need homes and are rewarding company.

  27. Oh so beautiful and full of energy. So nice you have taken him under your wings so to speak. God bless your heart.


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