Sunday, February 1, 2015

Real Footballs Are Round

Big Game?
Footballs are round, silly.
My son's BFF at the ready. 

I admit, I've become a football snob.
I blame it on my Soccer Boy.
Soccer Boy Goalie Practice 

American football is -
so stinkin' slow
overly commercialized
more stoppage than play time
The only reason I would take pics in 18 degree weather. 

When I watch a real football game
the only stoppage time
is for injuries,
the rest is game action
and NO commercials!
and I love the accents of the announcers.
Yes, they shoveled the field.  
I don't know who is crazier  - 
the boys for playing in this weather  
me for photographing them. 

If you're into that thing
 they are doing in Arizona tonight -
have fun
enjoy the commercials
and your snack calories.
I hope your team wins.
After an Onslaught 

But remember, 
real footballs are round. 

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EG CameraGirl said...

I wonder what my husband will say when I tell him footballs are round. Should I tell him while the game is in play or during a commercial? Hmmmm.

Suburban Girl said...

But there are no commercials in football!

MadSnapper said...

brahahaha and I love these photos and especially love the story of it ALL. what next? round footballs? were they over or under inflated? these round foot balls.

Wayne said...

REAL footballs are round and properly inflated :-)

kathyinozarks said...

thanks for stopping by my blog--I am boycotting the super bowl game this year-you are so right to much hype and I don't like the fact they still aren't saying if the one team cheated or not-but most don't seem to care lol
I never watched soccer before til last year when the us was playing well I forgot the name of the series-but I really enjoyed the games and I really loved that when the other team got injured both sides of the ball were there to help him out-so I got hooked on the sport-great photos!

Tamar SB said...

Oh yes! So well put! (-:

Carola Bartz said...

Yes yes yes, real footballs are round!!! What other statement can you expect from a German? I loved the commercial about football during the World Cup last year, so freakin' hilarious. I never "got" American Football, even though I have been living here for almost 14 years.

Mersad said...

Really love the backlight in the first image.

Mersad Donko Photography

Nicki said...

subtitled - the announcers (some of them) need subtitles I tell ya. I appreciate and enjoy European football but love American football, and like golf, find that the experience of watching it is exponentially enhanced when live versus on TV. My (and probably every other American's) issue with "soccer" is while there is non-stop action, it can become tedious due to the lack of accomplishment or score. I could not imagine feeling good about time and money spent to go to a game if I walked away and no one scored. No one!
Great shots and enjoy.

A Colorful World said...

hahahaha....LOVED this post! I am not "into" any kind of sports, really (we were hiker/shooter people when younger) but if my grandson plays something I hope it won't be "American" football. I'd be more likely to enjoy something like soccer with more action! Great photos!

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said...

YAY! Finally. Somebody who agrees with me. Or I agree with you. You speak truth! It must be the German in us :) American football is oh, so, so very slow. Boring. Seriously... o.k. I'd better stop now - LOL

Anonymous said...

So agree with you, footballs are round! Since that it the only football in Europe ( smirk) That looks hard on the bones falling on the ice so many times during practice:( Do they have actual soccer games when it's this icy up North?

Kim Cunningham said...

Agreed from one soccer mom to the next. However, my soccer(footballers) have taken a shine to American Football.

ellen b. said...

I'm with you and your son, my favorite football is round. I grew to love the sport when our boys and daughter played soccer in their youth. My son, dil, daughter and I are proud season ticket holders for the Seattle Sounders Football Club.
I've been privileged to attend a soccer game in Milan, Italy and at the great Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, England. My son also was able to see an Arsenal game in London.
I'm visiting from the link up for Grow Your Blog but am not linked up there. Your photography really is stunning. I won't be able to comment as here as google has me locked into my google account with my Mennonite Girls Can Cook url but my personal blog is The Happy Wonderer... Cheers!

ellen b. said...

When blogger blogs have the option for the (name URL link) in the Reply as it's easier for me to link directly to my own blog.