Thursday, April 30, 2015

Like a Skyscraper

Reflections From the City I Love to Hate... 
from the 39th floor.

Thanks to a photo friend
arranging things with his sister,
we were granted access to the 39th floor of a high rise.

While there were plenty of urban views below,
my eyes were captivated by the urban reflections.

It was like being in a fun house at the circus.

The view from each office varied slightly from next door,
but enough to create a whole new look.

I really like how these distorted reflections turned out.

I wonder if you see that from your office
every day if your eyes start to go crazy.

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  1. Fun distortions! Not sure if I would love Philly as much as I do if I had never moved away for awhile. But I did, and I do :)

  2. Awesome glass reflections on the buildings! Nice job.

  3. Very artistic. The last one looks like a big cathedral or church.

  4. these are totally totally AWESOME.... and I am betting that the people who work in those offices have never even SEEN this and would be shocked if you showed them what you SAW.... i love them ALL but the first two are most amazing...

  5. Those are SO cool! What epic views of Philly!

  6. wow- awesome reflections....

  7. Awesome reflections in that glass.

  8. A wonderful set of reflections they are stunning...

  9. Really great reflections. I like them and thanks for showing us.

  10. Wonderful reflections. The photos are like an art. Put them on your wall.

  11. Lucky you and you got really fantastic images as a result


  12. really awesome reflection... I absolutely love the first one is really stunning...

  13. Great images, but I'm afraid of heights. Tom The Backroads Traveller


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