Monday, April 6, 2015

Suburban Girl Gets Crafty

In a rare moment of craftiness
for which I blame Pinterest...

I found these candy eggs
at a local Italian market
and thought,
" I can do something with these for Easter."

Caramel Robin's Eggs

If you have eggs,
you need nests, right?
So I gathered Spanish moss,
twigs, and feathers
like any good mother bird would do.

I worked putting together
one, two, three....
twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two...
bird nests.
After all, the whole flock gathers here for Easter.

Love the Chalkboard Tags...
Must be the former teacher in me. 

My son came home when I was just about finished.
Bird nests surrounding me,
twigs and moss stuck to my fingers.
It was not the best of Pinterest moments.

Him: What are you doing?
Me: Making bird nests for Easter.
Him: You are crazy.

Funny how we all have the same last name...
well all but 3 of us... and 2 of the 3 used to have that name!

So like any good glue-fume-induced crazy mom
I gathered the nests and added twigs and feathers.

I finished the nests
adding the tags readying them for Easter dinner.
I lined them up in the dining room waiting until I set the table.

Eggs in the Nests

Him: Those nests look good, like something from Pinterest.
Me: I thought I was crazy.
Him: Well, they look good.
Me: I credit the glue fumes.

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  1. This is too funny! They look wonderful. Hope you had a nice Easter!

  2. Well you hid your secret having been a teacher very well:):) But as for the nests: adorable (and tasty)!

  3. Ooh, this had me giggling, well done.


  4. 22! That's quite a crowd to make nests for. Very nice...
    Great name tags, too!

  5. Cute! I hope you post a photo of them with the table all set, so we can see the full effect! :)

  6. they really are beautiful and you are very talented to create them. even if i saw them on Pinterest i would not be able to re create them... love the name tags

  7. The nests are so cute. Pinterest worthy for sure. Love the colors and composition in your first photo. Take care and have a great week.

  8. They look very realistic, well done! (and I'm not influenced by the fumes).

  9. LOVE! All of it. Those chalkboard tags are awesome. I can't wait until we have more people in our little family to do fun things like this. Also you have amazingly neat handwriting.


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