Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Old Guy Takes A Spin

I'm just taking a little time
to enjoy the spring flowers.

Not too bad for my old camera
and scratched lens, eh?

I haven't been using my lighter and
older Canon 50D and Tamron 17-270 mm lens very much
because I put a nasty scratch on the lens.
Those two make such a good walk around pair.

But sometimes I just don't want to lug
the big guns around with me all day
so this day I took the old guy out for a spin.

He's still got it. 
And I was thinking of selling him. 

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  1. I think he did a fine job! Gorgeous photos!

  2. look perfect to me, I am waiting for my Rebel to come back from Canon.. heavy cameras and lens are hard to carry but they do take the best of photos.

  3. Good for you for pulling him out - he did quite nicely. Lovely shots.

  4. I'll buy him. :>).

    beautiful images.

    Funny, I've been using my on D70 too. wonder why I quit using it and the lens doesn't even have a scratch.

  5. Love the title of this post. Sometimes, the old familiar treats us kinder than the newer more advanced. The photos are glorious.

  6. So great! I love these shots. I think I might be heading from yellow to orange as a favorite color...seems to be 'speaking' to me these days. And I just adore the buds in black and white - they're bound in so tight - yet the soft echo in the background gives that just about to bloom into softness feeling!

  7. I haven't touched my 7D in months and was about to sell it. Prom time came and I realized I have not bought a decent flash for the Sony, so out it came. It promptly went back into hibernation.

  8. Lovely spring flowers today. Love the close ups.

  9. You're right-beautiful shots all.

  10. beautiful images. Love this time of year.

  11. Just beautiful! I'd take him any day...

  12. Magnificent takes this is such a lovely Season.

  13. These are awesome shots! I would never be able to tell that it has a scratched lens.

  14. Wonderful spring flowers. Amazing shots!

  15. I love the soft focus - such pretty photos! I couldn't find the scratch, either!

  16. They are beautiful! Can't tell your lens is scratched at all!

  17. Sorry about the scratched lens. EW! I'd say the 50D is still a very fine camera!


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