Monday, May 4, 2015

Where's Waldo?

Look what I found sitting in my drafts...
Where's Waldo? 
The Easter Cup

In suburbia where would you find Waldo?
On the soccer field, of course. 
Every Soccer Mom knows that!
Waldo Makes the Header

Waldo is my crazy, soccer football-loving son-in-law.
Each holiday he organizes family and friends
to play in a game.
Waldo Snatches the Ball

I take pictures
and he writes the post-game awards
which are most entertaining.
Waldo Shoots, Scores! 

Now that my Soccer Boy
is no longer playing Travel Soccer -
this gives me something to look forward too.
Waldo Resuscitates Soccer Boy

And just in case you didn't know,
Waldo by day is a police officer by night.
Waldo Took And Elbow to the Nose 
Red Card? Ya think? 

So if you see a police officer
with a swollen nose,
it just might be Waldo in disguise.
Poor Waldo 

Not only did he get a swollen nose in this game,
but he broke a pair of glasses too.
These Holiday Cup games mean business.

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  1. These were too fun - and such characters (Waldo included).

  2. I love each and every photo and what a fun game with family and friends... it must be nice to have a police officer in the family. especailly one that turns into Waldo by day... great post, glad you found it

  3. Such a fun and special way to get family together! Love the photos of these 'weekend warriors'. Hope the nose is going to be o.k.:(

  4. Hi, just visiting from Tamar's site to see what her other link ups are posting. Great set! Lots of fun shots.

  5. Really great images and idea of your son-in-law. I bet these are treasured images!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. What a fun-loving guy, your Waldo, and I'll be he makes family get togethers fun for everyone.

  7. Loved this fun, light-hearted look at soccer. Poor Waldo.

  8. Who won" Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. Looks like they know how to have fun. Too cute!

  10. You've definitely captured the fun... and what a cute Waldo outfit he had on!

  11. What fun pictures. I like Waldo's outfit in these shots too.

  12. ...sounds like a "friendly" game then! Great shots, fun times :) #LTTL

  13. Looks like the epitome of fun! He is certainly enjoying the experience and it was very entertaining to see the photos as well! Great shots and great memories.

  14. Great action photos. So fun because actually Waldo is a town not far from me. :)

  15. These are great... I LOVE them, and man you totally rocked the action shots too. I'm going to feature it on the Pinterest Board.


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