Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Picnic With A Performance

Ya gotta love a 3 year old.
Especially when said 3 year old is a natural performer
and the patio step creates the perfect stage.

Cue the music....
and that would be Let It Go (from Frozen).

Enter the performer...

Marvel how that in a life time you never had guts like this.

This little performer is my niece's 3 year old daughter.

She's got all the moves.

And then some.

Appropriately, dance lessons begin this month.

We enjoyed a little Taylor Swift and Sound of Music too.
I think Mommy and Daddy
will be attending a lot of school performances in their future.

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  1. you should go ahead and reserve a spot for her on So you think you can dance... she is a natural and is so beautiful.. thanks for the smiles, she says JOY

  2. Such a ham! Like my little Liza.

  3. Wonderfully captured moments! :)

  4. Haha...what life is like before we learn "fear".

  5. To live with the abandonment of a child. She is precious and you got some really good shots.

  6. What a gorgeous little performer!

  7. Perfectly precious little princess!

  8. Oh my she is utterly adorable


  9. Your great-niece is just so darling and looks adorable in these shots. Hope she enjoys the dance lessons.

  10. She is a cutely, and love her freedom to be herself.

  11. She's a sweetie, there's always a reason to dance if you look for it.
    Have a good week.


  12. She does look like a natural! I hope lessons don't spoil her natural grace. :)


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