Friday, September 11, 2015

Are You Feeling Dizzy Yet?
Swarthmore College Library, Swarthmore, PA

Does it count as a spiral if the spiral is square?
Yellow Springs, Chester County, PA

Or what if it is oblong?

Edible Spirals at The Goody Bag in New Hope, PA 

Does a spiral have to be round?

Carnival Rides at Dusk, June Fete, Huntingdon Valley, Montco, PA 2012
June Fete, Huntingdon Valley, PA 

Can it go around and around?

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA

Grab hold if you are feeling dizzy,
Cape Henry, Virginia

because I love a good spiral,
Hampton Roads, Virginia 

especially in the form of a staircase.

Baltimore, Maryland 

To this day I wish we bought the house with the spiral staircase.

I'll just have to keep finding spirals elsewhere.

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  1. What a great, yet dizzying, collection!

  2. A very eclectic collection, I love it.

  3. A Wonderful collection. Starring too long can indeed cause dizziness. :)

  4. this is the most spirals in one spot i have ever seen and they are all sprials but completely different. I LOVE THE round and round at the fair. the stairs are all wonderful. even the hose is beautiful... i held on and did not fall down.. see you

  5. Yowser! - You did a fantastic job with your "spiral" series here. Loved each and everyone one.

  6. Love all the spirals. The first photo looks similar to one you posted in the past which I had trouble visualizing. I sort of get it now but I have some spatial visual difficulties but no problems at all with spirals. Definitely an art form.

  7. Great shots of the spirals. That first one is really crazy!

  8. Great spirals. I always wanted a spiral staircase as well. There is a lighthouse about an hour from here that has an awesome one to photograph.

  9. You certainly found some wonderful examples for your series of spirals....The sixth shot does makes me nervous....


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