Monday, September 14, 2015

One Fine Summer's Day

Summer is in its final lap.
Before you know it,
it will be gone, gone, gone
and we'll be lamenting the cold, cold, cold.

Mr. Praying Mantis had been hanging around on the porch, 
but he decided to move on and I found him in the garage. 

Peter Rabbit was just a little bunny 
when he started eating Mr. Engineer's lettuces. 
He has his own secret path in and out of the garden.  
Mr. Engineer is more merciful than Mr. McGregor. 

It's time to say good-bye to the sunflowers. 
I let the birds eat the seeds. 

The Hummingbirds are still humming. 

Woody Woodchuck would sneak into the yard and steal fallen apples. 
He met his demise after he bit the neighbor's dog 
who retaliated with a lethal bite. 
Fortunately, he did not have rabies. 
Apparently this state makes a big deal out of wild animal bites 
even if your dog is up-to-date on rabies' shots. 
In other words, don't tell the vet unless you have to 
or your dog might be taken from you for 6 months. 
Yup. Crazy. 

Bambi stops by for apples too. 
I like Bambis better than Woodies. 
Woody will not be missed.

Quite a few Hungry Caterpillars grew up to be Beautiful Butterflies. 

This baby red tailed hawk grew up this summer too. 
We heard it every day, all day.  
Hawks are very noisy when they want to be fed. 
We also saw the dinner remains throughout the yard. 
I'll spare you the visual on that one. 

No, we don't give farm tours. 

Fairies still enjoy the sun. 

We've made about 20 lbs of applesauce 
and 8 apple pie fillings with the apples from our trees. 

I sneak up to the garden pond to see the frogs. 
They are pretty good at camouflage. 

And this is why I leave the spent flowers...
I love to watch the goldfinches from my window. 

And that's summer's end 
in Suburban Girl's Garden. 

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Tamar SB said...

Rebecca, these are all stunning!

MadSnapper said...

you had an amazing summer and all of these are wow and wow again. the bunny in the bushes, i just love and the praying mantis is my fav today. love every single one of these.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

I love the way you have written and illustrated this post taking us through your garden and summer. Excellent shot of the Humingbird.

Jill Foley said...

I love these - so much fun happening in your backyard!

Mersad said...

Really love these. Great images, especially Bambi!! Thanks so much for linking in with "Through My Lens".

Mersad Donko Photography

Sherrie said...

Awesome shots of your garden. Love the butterfly.
Have a great day!

Wayne said...

My hummers have disappeared, I took the feeders down Sunday :-( I really like watching those little guys and girls. We have some swallowtail chrysalis, I'd guess they will appear before it gets much colder. If not, they will keep them safe in the greenhouse for the Winter. I had a baby hawk outside my office window for weeks and it was constantly bitching at mom to bring it food. Nice collection of photos, it tells a great story.

Latane Barton said...

and what a lovely summer's end that was. I really enjoyed your post today.

Ohmydearests said...

Wow! These are all fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Sigh - am not ready yet, but the deer and hummingbird will also be here in Fall and winter. If I can take the hummingbird as sharp as you do, I can finally call myself a photographer (I doubt if that will ever happen, but being a painter is good too:) )

Anonymous said...

Wonderful nature! Beautiful pictures, well done!
Visiting from "Through my lens".
Greetings, Hilde

Linda Kay said...

Quite a menagerie at your place! I love the way the deer is peeking through keeping an I on you!

Tom said...

Flora and fauna!

Nancy said...

Beautiful series on summer's end. I love the praying mantis; he is just incredible. I really can't believe summer is over but have to say I am excited about some cooler weather....

doodles n daydreams said...

Lovely shots of the end of your summer. You get such a variety of creatures coming to visit :)
Have a lovely day.


Laurie said...

Beautiful photos! And my goodness, you have a lot of wildlife.

Kathy said...

Lovely, lovely photos, Becky. Our hummers are almost gone (I'm surprised they're still in PA this late in the year), we have an occasional bunny in the yard in early mornings but I've been seeing more and more of our resident coyote so I'm hoping the bunny has been lucky, and this summer did not bless us with very many butterflies. One day this summer I had driven into town (about 25 miles) and my first stop was to gas up. I noticed a little green twig near the cover to the gas cap and while I was filling I noticed that little twig had a triangle on one end of it. About the time I realized it was a praying mantis he jumped and I quickly stepped to the side and he landed on the pavement and scurried away. He was just a baby, only about two inches long. I suppose he had weathered the trip probably clinging to the end of something while I hurdled down the road at about 80. He probably thought he was in a spaceship! Afterall, he was a little green man!

abrianna said...

Beautiful photos. That is ridiculous about the dog being taken even if they are up to date. Bambi is pretty, and wow you sure have ahd a lot of apples already!

abrianna said...

Beautiful photos. That is ridiculous about the dog being taken even if they are up to date. Bambi is pretty, and wow you sure have ahd a lot of apples already!

Stephanie 139a said...

Great photos - and summer is all but gone here :( #LTTL

Ida said...

What a pleasant post. You filled it with such lovely images. I do feel a bit sorry that Woody met an untimely demise but happy he didn't have rabies. Loved the pretty butterfly, the cute frog, the lovely deer, and well just everything here today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this post. I am so glad to be up and running at Life Thru the Lens and to have to linking up.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Great wildlife captures! Scout and I saw a monstrous woodchuck last week when we were out on an adventure. I agree, I would rather see a bambi any day than a woodie.

betty-NZ said...

What a lovely end to summer for you, but each season brings its own beauty.

Inspired By June said...


Out And About Global said...

You've got so many good/interesting photographs in this grouping. The frog capture is awesome and I love that praying mantis!

Haegele's Bakery said...

What an incredible post, Becky! Each picture is wonderful, but strewn together with summer's end story...well incredibly perfect! What a capture!
I think I need to look at my back yard in a different way.