Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One Last Summer Day

A little day trip to the coast of Virginia
and I found...

...a light house.

Lovin' this light in the lighthouse!

So of course I climbed to the top!

Like to shine like the sun for one more summer day.
Like to shine like a lighthouse for one last summer night. 

James Taylor

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  1. So many light houses, so little time!

  2. That is some gorgeous light you got there Becky! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  3. Day trip?! That's quite a hike for a day trip. I love lighthouses, this one is no exception, it's beautiful.

  4. You found a beauty. I too love the light and shadows....

  5. I am obsessed with lighthouses! This one is very unique.

  6. What a fabulous building. I love the stripes, reminds me of a seaside candy we have in England called Rock that is often striped colours like this


  7. Love your lighthouse and yes, the light looks awesome.

  8. Oh the water, and lighthouses, they bring me such joy, especially after spending a week in the forest.

  9. Wonderful & Delightful photos of this lighthouse.


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