Thursday, October 22, 2015

Streams and Bridges of Port Deposit, Maryland

Talk about a small town...

Bridge Support

How does a population of 803 sound?

Intersecting Bridges

Port Deposit is a uniquely small town-
a small town with a big history.

Bridges and Streams

And some pretty tasty crab bisque 
at Lee's Landing -
but that's a story for another day. 

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  1. Gorgeous bridges and the mention of crab bisque made my mouth water! Lovely shots.

  2. Intersecting bridges, how cool. Crab bisque sounds pretty yummy

  3. Those are really incredible photos this morning on your blog! What a unique place.

  4. "Bridges and Streams"...oh what a picture!!!

  5. 803 is just a tad less than the current population in my town!

  6. That's a very impressive bridge :)

  7. So fun seeing photos from Port Deposit, Md. Once upon a time my husband was stationed at Bainbridge Naval Base. We lived on base and heard about Port Deposit but I don't think we ever went there.

  8. These are beautifully lit and really show case gorgeous days. Love them.


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