Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why People Blog and Photos of the Kutztown Folkfest

My last post left you with me pondering
my purpose for blogging.
Thanks for your lovely comments
which reminded me of some of those reasons for blogging:

Keeping and Eye on Things, Kutztown Folkfest 2015 

Kathy - Who doesn't like to be a quitter,
so she keeps at it sharing her photos and histories
of grand southern courthouses
and other interesting places around Texas and Arizona.

Sarah - Who found a clearer direction for blogging into 2016.
She shares lovely photos, stories, and thoughts from Michigan.

Kerry - Who enjoys those connections she has made around the world
blogs from the west coast sharing the world around her.

Get It In Gear, Kutztown Folkfest, 2015

Wayne - Who likes to let his photos speak for themselves.
He blogs from my neck of the woods
and our blogging connection
allowed me to purchase camera equipment from him.

Sandra - Who ponders that blogging question too.
She says she misses it when she lets a few days go by.
She shares humorous stories and witty anecdotes on her Florida blog.

EG Camera Girl - Who blogs from Canada
to improve herself as a photographer.

Molly - Whose blog is her creative outlet.

Artist's Tools, Kutztown Folkfest, 2015

Mersad - Who blogs from Bosnia to share the interesting places he has traveled
with his community of bloggers.
You really need to follow his blog -
it sends me into travel daydreams.

Kathy McB -Who ponders the question as well
and shifts her focus accordingly
but always shares creative posts.
She is from my area as well,
we went to high school together
and our youngest kids are classmates at the same college.
Cool huh?

Alicia - Who shares very honest and touching posts from Cali
finds she keeps coming back to blogging
because of the enjoyment blogging provides her.

Life's Like a Merry-Go-RoundKutztown Folkfest, 2015

Thanks for all of your comments...
As I am hashing this blogging thing out
I am finding inspiration becoming a top reason for my blogging.

More Kutztown Folkfest Photos are here.
You can also view other images on my website here


MadSnapper said...

i enjoyed all the reasons and i forgot one of my reasons, i love beautiful photos and when I come here I KNOW i will always find them, also Mesaud always has beautiful photos. I LOVE today's photo of the hat lady and the paint brushes,

kathyinozarks said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have not been around blogging the last few months so am hoping to catch up this winter. I love blogging so much more than facebook-I actually do not like facebook much at all but I joined recently just to keep in touch with friends that stopped blogging. I also enjoy the message chat there too with my European friends.
for me blogging is like a journal that I share, I learn so much from my blog friends too

Mersad said...

That's so much for your sweet mention of my blog. I'm always happy to read that people are enjoying it (since also a lot of work goes into it). I follow most of the others you mention, but will check out the others. Love your simple and beautiful images you shared in this post. They are reason enough for you to keep going.

Kathy said...

And another reason I keep on blogging is so I never miss any of your amazing photographs!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Well it doesn't sound like you are throwing in the towel just yet then. Good!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, looks like you have many blogging friends who want you to keep blogging. Your lovely images are reason enough to keep us coming back.
Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Ohmydearests said...

Lovely images! I started to blog after one of our little girls was diagnosed with cancer- I realised I wanted to capture our precious moments and I discovererd photography along the way!

Kim Cunningham said...

Glad you are feeling more inspired to continue blogging! You have great gifts to share!

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures Rebecca, I'm so glad I found your blog..

Christine E-E said...

As Kim mentioned... You are a gifted photographer! Who better to share your photos, thoughts, quotes & photo descriptions than OTHER bloggers who learn from your creative posts. Love your blog.

Curtney Bloomberg Ferguson Blasio Yaros said...


abrianna said...

Beautiful photographs. And it is ok to take blogging breaks occasionally too. I have built in breaks as I don't blog when traveling and that helps. I like sharing pictures and being creative. The memes give me something to focus on too.

CountryMouse said...

Lovely captures and great reasons to keep blogging. Sometimes I find I just need a break to refresh. I really like the first photo.