Wednesday, January 20, 2016

No Arrests Were Made During This Exploration

St. David's Cemetery, Manayunk, PA

Off the beaten path
in the Manayunk neighborhood of
Philadelphia, PA,
there is an Episcopal Church
called St. David's.

The Open Door, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA
I happened on
St. David's one day while
exploring the newly opened Manayunk Bridge Trail
with friends.

Moses and the Serpent, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA

The door was open
so I peaked inside.
The stained glass within
lured me in further.

At the Cross, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA

Step after quiet step
I began exploring
this historic church (1831).

The Sanctuary, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA

And then,
someone found me and
I was caught.

Beauty from Above, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA

Only the person who caught me
was the most welcoming church caretaker.

Empty Pews, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA

He invited us all inside,
offered us snacks,
and explained some of the history of the church.

Organ Tuning Mechanisms, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA 

He even let us explore INSIDE
the pipe organ
where we saw old books and even toys
set in such a manner as to help
with tuning the pipes.

Sing Unto the Lord, St. David's Episcopal Church, Manayunk, PA 

Another day exploring without an arrest
 is a good thing,
because my husband always says
he won't bail me out.

Sadly, the congregation 
is very small. 
Half the pews have been removed since 
the sanctuary was built originally. 
One can only wonder 
how long they will be able to sustain this property financially. 

For more info 
about this church, 
click here. 


Unknown said...

Becky this gorgeous.

Linda Kay said...

So beautiful, Becky. So many of the churches in Europe are now museums and have little real use. Love the stained glass in this one.

Sarah Huizenga said...

It would be very bad if a church kicked you out. Sadly many churches are losing ground and people.

Jill Foley said...

This is a gorgeous collection of photos - I love the one with the old books...

Tamar SB said...

Oh my my, I love Mayunk!! These are stunning!!

MadSnapper said...

the church is amazing, your photos are even more A-Mazing! love the inside of the organ pipes

Kathy said...

I've gone into big empty churches before and it's someone spooky. You feel like you're trespassing and if you have someone with you I think you tend to whisper rather than speak in a normal voice. I think the best rule of thumb is if it is unlocked and open, you are welcome. It's a beautiful church and I'm sure its congregation loves it.

Anonymous said...

Ah you caught beautiful details - just like a church should be (in my opinion)! In W-Europe you see organ pipes much more than on this side of the pond!

Debbie said...

sometimes being busted turns out wonderfully!!!! keep bail money in the glovebox, that's what i do. i have been caught trespassing too many times to count!!!! gorgeous captures of a really beautiful place!!!

Kim said...

I'm so glad you were shown hospitality instead of the door! How wonderful! I'm always a bit scared of getting in trouble with my camera.

Ida said...

You did an amazing job capturing the beauty in this old church. Your photos were just wonderful.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a beautiful sanctuary! How wonderful that you were welcomed and given a tour. Your photos are stunning. It must have been quite amazing in person. Thanks for sharing! xx Karen

Chere Mama said...

This was such a treat. I scrolled through several times. Love the old hymnals and the cross and the empty pews. So beautiful!! You can feel the peace seeping out of the computer screen.