Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Devil's Dandruff

Mondauk Park, Upper Dublin Twp., PA

Yesterday it was just a coating...
like dandruff falling from the trees, 
today it is just a little bit more.  
I think can handle this - 
though I really do need to run to the store for milk and eggs. 

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  1. i like the name Devils Dandruff.. to cute.. glad you are not buried in it

  2. Great title and cool effect on the photo!

  3. I've never heard it called that. But at least there are not big snowdrifts!

  4. Unfortunately we got more than just a dusting last night and today. I have snowblower three times today already with the possibility of a fourth. Oh well, over all winter has been so much better this year.

  5. Sadly we have not any snow to speak of here, makes life easier but the photographer in me is a little sad about it


  6. Maybe because in my childhood I never ate Brussels Sprouts ... with me it's ginger, even though I know it's so healthy, I avoid! Have been wondering the first time I saw this pic how in the world you got to make only parts blurry and other parts sharp! Enjoy your week:)

  7. Devils Dandruff...that's a funny name for snow. Your photo is quite lovely. I like the motion in it.


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