Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finding the Bay in Bay City

Silly me...
why would I think Bay City would have a bay? 

Riverwalk Pier, Saginaw River, Bay City, MI
They don't have bay, 
they have a river - the Saginaw River. 

Saginaw Bay, MI
Yes, it's true the river feeds into the bay, 
but that happens north of Bay City. 
So I went north 
and found the bay...
kind of. 

Saginaw Bay, MI
Heading north for as long as I had time for 
- I had a 1pm flight -
 most of the bay front area was privately owned. 
I  could only see the bay from 
Bay City State Recreation Area. 

Tobico Lagoon, Bay City State Recreation Area, MI
Next time I go looking for a bay 
I'll be sure to check out if there really is a bay there first. 

Tobico Marsh, 
And then I left my husband with a muddy rental car 
after driving around the lagoon. 
It's good loves me. 

More images from this set are here.

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Tamar SB said...

I love the grass and grey feel!

Linda (LB2556) said...

My favorite is the red winged blackbird....so pretty with that gorgeous blue/mauve background.

Linda (LB2556) said...

My favorite is the red winged blackbird....so pretty with that gorgeous blue/mauve background.

Andy said...

Nice photos. You manged to bring out the best of what is left of the winter blahs. Spring looks exactly the same here in Southern Ontario.

Pieni Lintu said...

Nice shots and so pretty bird!

Sandra said...

i love that Marsh photo. we have condos here named Harbor Bay condos, there is not a harbor any where near and there are many others like that... Dockside comes to mind, nary a dock in site... going over to see the rest of your BAY pics.. the river was beautiful even without the bay

Chere Mama said...

I like your Red wing Blackbird! I went to Bay City for a wedding once and the weather was so incredible! And I remember the bluest of skies. Also love that last shoreline picture. Love when trees are right up against water like that - kind of like they were running and had to come to a dead stop! = )

Molly said...

This made me chuckle... the hunt for the bay that does not actually exist.


Sarah Huizenga said...

You got some great photos of your "bay", it is frustrating some times how you can't get to the water, especially when you don't know the area.