Friday, June 17, 2016

Philadelphia Sight UnScene | Expedia

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared 
of 7 Wonders Cinema filming in Philadelphia? 

7 Wonders Cinema was filming for Expedia 
and here is their final product:

Hey....and check out the first time my name 
has appeared in credits! 

Woo-hoo - 
I never thought THAT would happen. 


  1. Wow! That was great, congrats!!

  2. to cool, congrats on your name recognition and i would love to see that magic garden, all those murals are wonderful to

  3. Congratulations - not before time, either :-) Who wouldn't want to visit Philadelphia after seeing that film?

  4. Oh Rebecca I am so happy for you, and of course your work is amazing. I have never been o Philly, but all this makes me want to come visit. Well done everyone!


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