Monday, September 12, 2016

Tied Up in the Red Tape

The Original Red Tape, Fort Delaware, Pea Patch Island, Delaware

Red Tape
In the United States and Great Britain red tape 
refers to unnecessary rules and regulations 
that hinder things from actually getting done. 

The origin of red tape dates back to the 17th century 
when government documents actually had to be tied in red tape 
or they were returned. 

You even needed to tie a request for more government red tape in red tape. 
Things haven't changed much. 

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  1. the photos is beautiful and I have never heard this before... it may only be figurative now but still lots of it around.

  2. Such a great shot for a great (and often annoying!) expression!

  3. Your last comment is correct-things have not changed much.

  4. Your last comment is correct-things have not changed much.

  5. Haha, you have to tie your request for red tape in red tape... things have not really changed that much have they. Governments still like to make things overly complicated


  6. Uh oh, hope if you're in some red tape situation, it will soon be removed (the tape:) ).
    Rebecca you are missed at SEASONS - it's still the same, from Sun-Wed. But I am on a new blog address since i ran out of space - this is my new url (link) to the post -hope to see you there soon!
    How's the grand baby doing?…n-but-not-forget/

  7. I love learning new little tid bits. Love the shot. Visiting from Tamar's

  8. Great photo. Oh yes the government and their red tape...frustrating!

  9. Perfect story for the photo. As everyone says, not much has changed and our government is still tied up in red tape!

  10. Very interesting. Didn't know about this rule :)

  11. I didn't know this, but it makes sense. And the photo is very cool, making me want to untie that tape...

  12. Ah things haven't changed at least here in London, lovely picture..

  13. Government seems to have a way of making things more complicated than necessary.


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