Friday, June 23, 2017

A Little Switcher-roo at the Farm

Terhune Farm Store, Mercer County, New Jersey

Who doesn't love a visit to a farm. 
You know, farm fresh local food right? 

Path to Pick Your Own Blueberries

You can even pick your own, 
but I find it puzzling that it costs the same to buy them ready picked in the farm store. 
Why invest the time and energy then? 

Blueberries in Terhune Farm Store

And I find it even more puzzling to see this happening: 
Crates of pints of blueberries from....
another farm. 
(That's not the puzzling part yet.) 

Blueberries from Whalen Farm in the Terhune Farm Store packing room.

Those pints being opened and 2 pints dumped into a new quart container. 
(That's not the puzzling part yet.
2 pints does equal a quart after all) 

Repacking Whalen Farm Blueberries

And then here they are ready to go out in the farm store 
looking (to the unknowing consumer)
like freshly picked blueberries from Terhune Orchards. 
When really they are blueberries from Whalen Farms 
just repackaged. 

It left me with an uneasy feeling - 
like I was witnessing plagiarism or something. 
(And think of all those wasted containers.) 

What do you think about this?  
Sneaky or not? 

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jabblog said...

Hey ho - odd, indeed. Lovely photos, though, as ever. (Our blueberries are not yet ripe and certainly not in the numbers in your post.)

Tamar SB said...

What I miss most about South Jersey - all the farm stands!!

MadSnapper said...

well I think it is sneaky and dishonest unless they post the fact the berries are not from their farm.. would not trust someone who does that.