Monday, October 23, 2017

A Side Road and a Wrong Turn

When you take a side road and a wrong turn, 
you just never know what you might find. 
In this case, Architectural Antiques. 

Bible Study

Just the seeing the place and I knew it was gonna be a winner.
And even better, the owner - Wayne -  invited me to take pictures. 
How cool is that? 

Snow Birds: Keep the white stuff from sliding off your roof in an avalanche and banging up whatever’s underneath.

This place is like a museum of architectural details. 

Yard Sticks

And some pretty creative use of things. 

Baseball Bat railing spindles

I kept thinking if only I was Joanna Gaines, 
I would have been able to summon up some ideas of what to do with this stuff. 

A ceiling of doors.

Shutters to go with tons of old windows. 

Always More

This was such a cool place. 
Room after room of architectural antiques. 
So if you have an old house, 
you just might find what you need here. 


Architectural Antiques
3080 Bedminster Road (Rt 113)
Perkasie, PA 18944 

More of my photos from Architectural Antiques can be seen here


Unknown said...

I enjoyed you photographs as much as I enjoy getting lost in back roads. I'll definitely check out this place.

Tamar SB said...

Oh my gosh I love all of these!

MadSnapper said...

have to show this to Bob, his home town is Perkasie... I am calling him now. love the yard sticks and baseball bats and you are right about Joanna knowing what to do with what. I like the idea a door ceilings. a place I would like to visit. we like to watch American Pickers.

Chere Mama said...

Love the snow bird idea!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I am with you on the Joanna Gaines comment. I think some of us are meant to document and some are meant to use. Maybe we could just hire Joanna. I am happy be a documenter though.