Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blue Waters

When we were in Michigan we visited the oldest lighthouse in the state. 
We only had to drive 1 1/4 hrs to see it and
since we couldn't find anything closer...why not?  

The lighthouse is located at historic Fort Gratiot which is open to the public. 
A small fee will give you a guided tour and a climb up the lighthouse steps.  

As far as lighthouse climbs go, this one is not too strenuous at 64 steps. 
I loved the ornateness of the steps - 
I think it made climbing them easier. 

I learned something interesting from our guide. 
No two lighthouses were built alike on purpose - 
that way each lighthouse is an individual and can serve as a location guide to ship captains. 
It's kind of like using the stars for navigation. 

Fresnel Light Reflection. 

Don't let those beautiful blue waters seen from the top of the lighthouse fool you. 
They look tropical, but they are cold. 

The Azure Blue of Lake Huron

In fact, it was so cold we were glad the tour had some inside stops 
where we could warm up. 
(Back home it was 70 degrees.)

Fort Gratiot Light

The area around Fort Gratiot has some things to do. 
If you have your passport you can take the Blue Water Bridge to Canada. 
There is also a River Walk with some small museums and places to eat nearby.  
In summer, there are also sightseeing river cruises. 

The Blue Water Bridge
#1 attraction in the area. 

It is significant the the top rated thing to do here is cross that bridge. 
There really is a lack of things to do in southeastern Michigan -
especially off season. 

If you go off season, check the hours
They might not be open. 

2800 Omar Stat the East end of Garfield Street 
Port Huron, MI 48060-2961

See more of my pictures from Fort Gratiot here


MadSnapper said...

I am never disappointed when I come to your blog. you see the ART of everything, the PIECES of art are my favorites. the steps are beautiful through your camera lens and I am thinking most will never see that when they visit. I have often wondered about how different every lighthouse is, now I know why..

Tamar SB said...

Oh wow - so so gorgoeus!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Having been over that side in September, I would agree. I am so use to West Michigan where is so much to do. I love lighthouse stairs, at least to photograph, not to climb.

Chere Mama said...

Lighthouses are all so cool. This one is a beauty. What a great trip!