Thursday, May 3, 2018

Breakfast Time in Midland, Michigan

Back home in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 
squirrels are grey.  
Grey and only grey. 

I'm a chipmunk not a squirrel.

But here in Michigan, 
squirrels are grey, black, orange 
and any combination of those three colors. 

I found the variety of colors interesting enough 
to spend an hour on a squirrel hunt. 

At first I found none...
but persistence paid off. 

I found a plethora of squirrels (and one chipmunk) having their breakfast. 

And their coloring fascinated me. 

They are so much cuter in color 
than our grey variety. 

Especially that two-toned looked the squirrel above has going 
and the masked bandit below. 

What color are your squirrels? 

For more images from this Midland MI gallery 

Midland, Michigan, USA


Alicia said...

Great photos! We only have grey squirrels, but they may be chipmunks or gophers. I really don't know the difference. I love the one with the different colored tail. Very nice!

MadSnapper said...

boring gray here and about half the size of these beauties... i love the black best of all and the black one with rusty tail is my favorite. the chipmunk is adorable. i might lose my snappying finger if i had access to all these different colors. i have seen white and multi on other blogs but never black.,. good job

Tamar SB said...

These are so fantastic!!

Carola Bartz said...

Wonderful shots of these sassy little guys. The squirrels in my backyard are gray, but the ground squirrels in the wilder areas are a dark brown with a little bit of color. Back home in Germany they're a lovely reddish brown, but we never saw that many there as we do here.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I saw a squirrel the other day that was black with a white tail, I thought it was a skunk at first.