Monday, June 18, 2018

Discovering History at Smithville Park in New Jersey

The Smithville Mansion, above, 
was built in 1840 in the Greek revival style. 

The mansion was surrounded by a successful calico printing factory 
and associated village founded by the Schreve family. 

But then the government lifted tariffs on imported textiles 
and unfortunately the company went bankrupt 
and jobs were lost. 

But the village found life again when purchased by Hezekiah and Agnes Smith 
who opened a woodworking machine company in 1865.

In 1974 Burlington County purchased this historic property 
and today the property hosts tours, teas and fairs and trails. 

Smithville Mansion
803 Smithville Rd, Eastampton Township, NJ 08060 

There are more images of Smithville Park here. 


Tamar SB said...

Wow! I wonder if that is where the town Smithville got it's name, although it's in a different county.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Yay! A saved property. Looks fabulous to explore.

MadSnapper said...

it is a beautiful place and I love the last photo of the all white building.