Monday, October 21, 2019

Once Upon a Hilltop: Visiting Montefalco, Italy

On a hill in Umbria, Italy 
sits the little town of Montefalco. 

The Wall of Montefalco

The historic district of Montefalco has one main street 
that climbs uphill 
on old cobblestones 
surrounded by ancient structures 
now housing a variety of eateries and shops.

Historic District Main Street

Surrounding this heavenly hilltop town 
are luscious olive groves and endless vineyards.  

Montefalco Countryside

We arrived in Montefalco in the evening 
and promptly had an absolutely delicious dinner (and too much local wine) 
at Locanda del Teatro.
(Waiter Andre was extra wonderful!
Or maybe that was the wine. ) 

Andre is on the left. 

Then we had a comfy sleep at Villa Pambuffetti. 

At the top of the Historic District

Staying here 
gives you the opportunity 
to make day trips 
to nearby locations in the Umbrian region of Italy. 

Villa Pambuffetti

We stayed two nights but 
only visited the historic district once. 
I would have liked to go back the next day 
but my feet were tired after a day spent exploring Assisi 
and the pool at the hotel beckoned. 
(I should have listed to husband 
who wanted to go back to town.) 

Montefalco Reflection

We left the next morning to visit a Deruta potter 
and then on to our next stop, Orvieto. 

Impressive Door

Montefalco is very small 
and toured quickly
but can also be used as a home base for other local explorations. 

Montefalco is located in the region of Umbria, Italy. 

Click here for additional photos 
from this gallery 
and then book your flight to Umbria. 
You won't be disappointed. 

Map of Umbria

Map of Montefalco


MadSnapper said...

with no words, just photos, I would know this is Europe. I told Bob this morning that the streets and buildings are so different, with nothing flat. my favorite photo today is the main street. so very beautiful, would love to visit, but don't fly or float so will enjoy your photos

Tamar SB said...

That is just amazing!! What a traveler you are!