Monday, December 2, 2019

The Ceramics of Deruta, Italy

While making our way through Umbria 
- which I fell in love with, by the way-
we found ourselves touring a family ceramic shop in Deruta. 

Ceramics is Deruta's claim to fame 
since the middle ages, 
thanks to the local clay found there. 

Today, Deruta continues to provide the world 
with exquisite maiolica. 

As you can see, 
each piece is meticulously hand painted 
with intricate designs.  

I could not even pick a favorite pattern.  
I loved all the rich colors on the white backdrop 
no matter what the design was. 

Of course we had to come home with something, 
but choosing was so difficult. 
I finally selected a piece 
which was carefully packaged in order to make it home safely.

There a many ceramist shops in Deruta, 
located at 
Via Tiberina Sud, 304, 06053 Deruta PG, Italia

Images from this visit can be seen here


Tamar SB said...

So amazing to see those being made!

doodles n daydreams said...

Watching artisans at work, how wonderful.