Monday, December 16, 2019

Weaving Lanes of Medieval Orvieto

View of Orvieto

The historic center of Orvieto 
is perched high on a volcanic rock in Umbria, Italy. 
Surrounding it below is the newer part 
of Orvieto. 

View from the top.

To get from one to the other you can climb, climb, climb 
or you can use an elevator, escalator, mini bus or a funicular 
as parking above is restricted to only residents. 
There is a large public lot below. 

Once you arrive you will be greeted by 
weaving lanes of intersecting cobbled lanes 
that can quickly disorient you, 
so take note of the landmarks along your path. 

A cobbled lane in Orvieto.

The jewel of Orvieto is 
the gothic cathedral. 

Cathedral of Orvieto

After 300 years of work the duomo was completed in 1591. 
But Orvieto itself has history dating back to the ancient Etruscans. 

Cathedral of Orvieto

One of the things to do here is to visit the old underground tunnels and caves
that have been carved out of the soft rock below the town.
Many of these areas are privately owned,
but with a guide you can visit a section of them.
The View from our Room at the Grand Italia 
There is also an interesting well 
with steps created to enable the mules to carry water out. 
The design of the dual steps creates a double helix. 

Morning Gossip

If your visit includes a Saturday 
you will see the locals catching up 
and sharing news  with each other 
throughout the town. 

At the Market

Saturday also offers a market of tempting food, clothing and home goods. 
Bring cash as no credit is accepted. 

Holy Laundry

But my favorite thing was to wander the streets and alleys 
and see the people and architecture of Orvieto. 

Image result for orvieto map

If you can make it to Umbria, 
and want a place a little less touristy 
then make a stop in Orvieto.


MadSnapper said...

each and every photo is a WOW! even the laundry is stunning.. the view from your windows is amazing. my favorite is the narrow streets with 3 and 4 being 1 and 2 on my list.. I am thinking I would lose more weight really fast walking those cobbled lanes up and down.. you outdid yourself on these.

Tamar SB said...

You captured such beauty!! Have you thought of publishing your travel images??

likeschocolate said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Happy New Year! Wishing you a year of good health and good travels.