Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Wine Tasting at Tenuta Le Velette, Umbria, Italy

Wine Tasting Experience...
Yes, please. 

Especially at an Umbrian winery with an idyllic view like this one has! 

The front door. 

Our guide Cecilia is also an owner of the winery
so she knows the wines and estate well. 

Etruscan wine cellar from 400 BC. 

Our wines were paired with appropriate 
cheeses, meats or breads for a perfect tasting experience. 

In the cellars...these wines are not used
but occasionally opened by family.

Cecelia made sure we experienced 
how the food pairings affected how we tasted the wine. 

Of course we bought some to bring home. 
But then we found out you can also purchase their wine in the US! 

We had a perfect visit here. 
The weather. 
The view.
The wine. 
The experience. 

View of the hill town of Orvieto from the Winery

I pretty much loved every wine I had in Italy
and today's wines were no exception to that. 

Visit if you can! 
You can also stay on the property if you like. 

More of my images from the winery are here.

Localita Le Velette 2305018, Orvieto, Italy

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MadSnapper said...

I do love that first photo of those lovely old doors.. so much beauty, all your photos are wonderful as usual...

Anonymous said...

Nice! I should explore Umbria more when I have the opportunity. I usually go to Abruzzo a few weeks every year but this year I couldn't. What grapes do they use for their wines in Umbria?

Tamar SB said...

These are so magical! Love the lighting you captured.