Thursday, October 15, 2020

Day Trip to Historic Bellefonte: Home of Governors

Seven governors have called Bellefonte their home 
and this is a source of pride to the residents there. 

Bigler (x2)

Their names adorn the streets here 
as well as the campus of Penn State University 
just 12 miles to the southwest. 

Bellefonte is the county seat 
of Centre County, Pennsylvania. 
I guess all those governors 
were inspired by local government.

Another draw to Bellefonte  
are the 296 Victorian era buildings 
that fill the historic district. 

walking distance from the Historic District,
 is definitely worth a visit 
while you are in town. 
It is beautiful, 
with the Spring Creek,  
paths and bridges. 

We were staying in State College 
and made a day trip to Bellefonte. 
You can easily walk the historic district, 
enjoy the park, 
make a stop at Big Springs Distillery
(great for cocktails)
and visit the local art museum 
in one day. 

If you have extra time 
take a walk along the 
6.3 mi out and back.  

But what I didn't know about until after we left
which is just 9 minutes out of town. 
I think we would have liked a visit there. 
Let me know how it is if you go! 

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Tamar SB said...

What amazing architecture!