Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Cycling Great Bay Boulevard, NJ

is located between 
the Jersey Pine Barrens and the Bay. 
It has a neat museum, 
the Tuckerton Seaport Musuem. 

But little known to those passing through on 
Route 9/Main Street 
is the Great Bay Boulevard which starts at the museum 
and runs south.

We parked our car on a side street 
off of Oak Lane 
near where it intersects 
with Great Bay Boulevard. 
From there the ride is 6.2 miles to the bay. 

Along the way you will see
Atlantic City skyline 
ruins of the Old Fish Factory
and old marinas. 

There is also a marine research facility along the way. 

But if you forget bug spray 
you won't be hanging around too long.
There were plenty of biting flies 
ready to make a meal of us. 
Don't forget bug spray! 

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johngiat said...

Love it!

Tamar SB said...

I love the NJ marshes! The purple sky is gorgeous!!