Thursday, December 3, 2020

Small Town Surprise: Hamburg, PA

I love this small Americana town: 
Hamburg, PA
Named by Pennsylvania Germans after Hamburg, Germany.

This Berks County small town is big on charm. 
It has a historic district of over 400 buildings! 
That's a lot of charm. 

There's also railroad charm at the 
Reading Railroad Heritage Museum 
which is sure to please the railroad buff. 

But the most charming spot I found was the 
Adams and Bright Drug Store c.1902
which installed a soda fountain in 1927.

This Adams and Bright Drug Store retains so much of the old time feel 
with valuable shelf space 
reserved for antique pharmaceutical paraphernalia. 

Other shelves are lined with candies, 
small gifts, toys and sundries. 
I just loved it there. 

In the very back you can get your 
modern day prescriptions filled. 
Why in the world would you go to 
CVS or Walgreens? 

While there, I didn't have a fountain soda, 
but I did have Heisler's ice cream 
in a waffle cone. 
(Due to Covid, there is no indoor seating, 12/20.)

This town is uniquely located 
near Cabella's, Yuengling Brewery, 
the Appalachian Trail, the Schuylkill River
and lots of state game lands 
near the Pocono foothills. 
So there are lots of outdoor activities nearby.

Get yourself to Hamburg and visit the Adams and Bright Drug Store 
for a fountain soda.

Adams and Bright
306 State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526


Tamar SB said...

That architecture is amazing! Such classic Americana in that town.

MadSnapper said...

The scale is truly amazing and one I would absolutely love to visit. The twin red doors and the soda fountain are my favorites but I love every single building and photo