Thursday, April 8, 2021

Day Trip to Burlington City, NJ

Burlington-Bristol Bridge

Burlington City, 
a city, but not in the sense of 
NYC, Chicago or Philadelphia. 

Looking down High Street from Pearl Blvd. 

BC is much smaller. 
It boasts a waterfront.,
is packed with historic structures, 
offers trolley service and
is commutable to Philadelphia. 
What more could a city offer?

Well, to be honest, 
there is a LOT of potential here.  
But first, to really make a comeback, 
there needs to be attention given to the TRASH everywhere. 

Why?!  Why are humans such slobs? 

Other than that, 
there was quite a bit of renovation going on to the
housing in walking distance of the main street 
lined with many shops and restaurants.  

There are still vacant buildings 
but the vibe feels like 
things are about to change for this city. 

View of the Delaware River from the Riverfront Promenade 

You could spend a day here exploring the shops, 
walking the waterfront,
taking in the historic architecture 
and treating yourself to something to eat. 

Just remember to pick up your trash. 

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Tamar SB said...

What a sweet little city - I hope it makes a comeback with some TLC!