Monday, May 3, 2021

A Spring Visit to Bryn Athyn Cathedral

One quick glance from the street 
and you might think you are in Europe. 
The gothic styled Bryn Athyn Cathedral almost
seems out of place in this suburban neighborhood. 

The Swedenborgian cathedral is one of three buildings on the landscaped grounds. 
Along with the cathedral, 
initially funded by John Pitcairn, 
you can tour 
Glencairn Museum and Cairnwood Estate. 
These three buildings are considered the historic district of Bryn Athyn
which itself is very small. 

The Swedenborgian faith 
is based on the theology of 
Emanuel Swedenborg. 

I do love to visit the gardens there. 
If you go, try to make it in spring or summer. 
The grounds are really beautiful.

This location is on my top ten list of 
scenic places to photograph in 
Montgomery County, PA.

Location: 1005 Cathedral Rd., Bryn Athyn, PA 
Tours: Tuesday through Friday between 1:00-4:00 pm, $5


Tamar SB said...

That is so gorgeous!

James Gallol said...

Its looking so beautiful specially its garden. baby stroller

~JarieLyn~ said...

Beautiful building and landscape. I always did admire your photography. You have a great eye for what looks good. I've missed all the bloggers I used to visit regularly.